Heartland Season 14 is a multi-generational Canadian family drama tv series that airs on CBC in Canada and on UP Tv within the US. The show first air n 2007 and was inspired by the eponymous book series, penned by Lauren Brooke.

The heartwarming story is a few families struggling to stay their ranch together while facing multiple ups and downs in their personal relationships and lives. To this date, ‘Heartland’ has over 13 successful seasons.

Here’s everything we all know about ‘Heartland’ season 14.

It is one of the most successful canadian TV Shows out there.

Ever since the series premiered in 2007, it’s had many Canadian viewers gripped with its consistent storytelling and good character development.

Season 13 of Heartland premiered in November 2019 in Canada but has barely concluded within the US. Now, fans are left wondering if and when the hit series are going to be making a return.

Heartland Season 14

Heartland Season 14 Release Date

The announcement for another season came from the shows original parent network in Canada, CBC, back in May 2020. Heartland was officially renewed for season 14 along side a staggering 22 other CBC original series.

Although to be honest, this news of renewal isn’t a surprise to any folks. The TV Show is incredibly very much popular in Canada, with their 100th episode ‘After All We’ve Been Through’ being watched by almost 1 million people. What’s more, the show appears to be even as popular within the us on UP tv – scoring 8.4/10 on IMDB, 9.6/10 on TV Series Finale and eight.8/10 on TV.com.

The show is expected to release the 14th Season Of Heartland series in 2020.

So, please wait to release a replacement season of the series till the top of 2020.

Heartland Season 14: Plot

Heartland is a family drama which is based on a beautiful, comedic yet dramatic storyline supported the novels written by Lauren Brooke.

This show’s storyline revolves around a family trying its best to urge through the joyful and tragic moments of life.

It revolves on the lifetime of this family and the way they battle and handle through thick and thin. The plotline of the show covers all the phases of an individual’s life from love to tragedy, marriage, heartbreak, hatred, fire, wholesomeness, and whatnot.

The stated family is formed from mother (Amy), dad (Ty), and their child. With Ty, experiencing a rotten youth thanks to his father, the family aims to accomplish success and goes through life challenges.

With the plot of the season depicting the new business of Amy and Ty analyzing their relationship, the forthcoming season is anticipated to possess a narrative, much awaited by the fans.

Heartland Season 14 Cast

Amber Marshall played the most character within the series acts as Amy Fleming

  • Graham Wardle acts as Tyler Borden
  • Michelle Morgan work as Samantha Louise (Lou)
  • Shaun Johnston acts as Jackson (Jack) Bartlett
  • Alisha Newton acts as Georgina (Georgie)
  • Chris Potter acts as Timothy (Tim)
  • And the supporting actor like Kerry James acts as Caleb O’Dell
  • Gabriel Hogan playing as Peter Walter Morris.

We will bring you more updates on the Heartland in the near future.

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