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PayPal Ship Now Link: https://paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_ship-now.

Paypal is a front runner in the digital payments service in place of paper and physical currencies all over the world.

If you are an online business owner and use PayPal as your payment method, it’s no brainer not to use the PayPal Ship Now feature. It will help you and make the delivery of all your products, goods, and packages much quicker and easier.

You don’t even have to fall in line when you have to send your item out to your customer. Simply, visit one of their commercial offices and drop the item off.

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In this article, we will discuss about the Paypal shipping service, Paypal shipping label and the Paypal ship now feature in much more detail.

PayPal Ship Now Link

What is PayPal Ship Now?

The PayPal Ship Now is a feature introduced by PayPal for online sellers that need a faster and secure way to deliver their products to their customers. PayPal’s Ship now collaboration with UPS and USPS making it delivery at ease.

Before you need to do the tedious shipping job on your own using the mail service either through the USPS (United States Postal Service) or any other retail shipping provider.

Not anymore with the PayPal Ship Now as it makes the online selling and delivery more convenient via it’s first-class delivery with reliable mail service providers. Your items will be in good hands and makes it easier to deliver items.

PayPal Shipping Link

Unless if you’re shipping your package from another platform and service like eBay, it’s quite almost impossible to locate the PayPal shipping label creator link on the PayPal website.

Here is the PayPal Ship Now Link: paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_ship-now

Make sure to bookmark the link or this article for future use.

PayPal Ship Now Requirements

To use and avail this special feature from PayPal, you first need to meet some few requirements first, such as:

  • You must have a PayPal account first.
  • Your Account must be registered as a business account.

However, If your account is registered as personal account, it’s quite simple to convert to a business account from your current account.

How to Convert your personal PayPal account to business-standard

  • Log in to your Pay Pal account.
  • Click on “Profile” in the navigation.
  • Under “My Settings” it should say your account type as Personal. Click on the “Upgrade my account” link.
  • Click on the “Upgrade Now” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the option for “Business Account” and press continue.
  • You will then be prompted to enter information about your business to complete the conversion.

How to Use PayPal Ship Now

It’s quite simple. Here is how it works:

  • Open a Web browser.
  • Visit the PayPal official website and Log in to your account.
  • From the Recent Activity, click on Ready to Ship.
  • Under the Ready to Ship, select on the “Print Shipping Label.”
  • On the next page, enter the shipping details – weight of the item, package size, service type, and the shipping options.
  • Once all info are entered, tap on the “Calculate Shipping Cost” button.
  • Review the details that you entered before finalizing it.
  • Once everything is confirmed, click on the “Confirm and Pay” button.
  • The cost of the shipping label will be charged from your account.
  • Simply, Print out the shipping label and put it along with the item.

It’s that simple. Take the package to the nearest UPS or USPS (whichever you chose) and simply drop off the item on their bin.

PayPal Ship Now Features

Below are a few of the PayPal shipping features:

  1. You can ship your goods by USPS or the UPS shipping services. They also provide tracking code which can help you to track your timely delivery and shipment. (International and domestic locations supported)
  2. No need to pay a subscription or monthly fee. You simply pay according to your shipment weight and the label you choose.
  3. Purchase and print shipping labels directly from your PayPal account.
  4. Send one or more products at a time by providing the shipping details in batches. Track and confirm the arrival of the shipments efficiently from your Paypal account dashboard.
  5. From the payments page, you can pay depending on the service type, size, and weight of your shipment.

PayPal Couriers

PayPal combine and uses the services of two of the reliable courier companies such as the US–USPS and UPS:

The USPS Shipping is available for both domestic and international shipping with flat rate boxes, priority mail, first-class mail, priority mail express, with the USPS Commercial Base pricing.

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UPS Shipping additionally provides special eCommerce discounts on both domestic and international shipping with even up to 45% off on ground shipments and up to 55% off on 2nd-day air shipment.

PayPal Shipping Label Link

You need to have PayPal balance on your account since the UPS labels must be purchased with a PayPal balance.

You can design and print packing slips and shipping labels for UPS and USPS.

  • Select “Activity” located at the top part of the page and search for the item that you need to ship.
  • Click the item and Choose your courier between UPS and USPS for shipping.
  • Enter your shipping information
  • Select on calculate.
  • Once everything is confirmed, click on Confirm and Pay.
  • Next, click on “print label” on the “Finish printing your label” page.

Once printed, paste it on the item shipment package with either an adhesive or a tape.

Note: The Packages need to be shipped right away/same day/next day to make sure they match the label print date. Another thing to note is to not tape over the Barcode by any means whatsoever.

Another reason why it is a no brainer to use for shipping your package is due to the fact that Paypal shipping ha their their shipping rates. So, If you use their Paypal shipping service, you will be automatically eligible for the commercial/business rates and not the retail rates which is much expensive.

Important Points

  • Make sure to turn off your pop-up if you have any in order to avoid preventing from printing your label
  • Print your label on a simple plain paper and fold it at the line.

How to pay for Multiple labels

If you are shipping multiple items, you can pay for multiple USPS shipping labels via

  • PayPal account balance
  • PayPal Smart Connect
  • PayPal Extras MasterCard®
  • Credit or debit card listed on your PayPal account
  • Instant Transfer from your bank account

Your PayPal account balance will be charged when you print your shipping labels using PayPal MultiOrder Shipping. However, it will be posted as a single transaction on your account.

How to Reprint a label created with PayPal MultiOrder Shipping

  • Visit the Multi-order shipping page on your account.
  • Select Purchased Labels.
  • Search for the label that you wish to reprint
  • Select the date range using the Search drop-down menu.
  • Locate the label to reprint
  • Click on the individual label you want to reprint.
  • Select the Reprint button.

Note: You only have 24 hours to reprint it.

Returning Items

If for some reason your item is returned, you may be eligible for a program called Return Shipping on Us which basically means they will reimburses your return shipping costs.


There you have it. Utilizing the PayPal Ship Now feature is a no brainer for business owners. It is a great feature and the quality of service that incorporates it is just too good not to use it. Compare to the regular shipping services, you get a first-class treatment with your package with almost the same charge.

What’s your view on PayPal Ship Now feature? Let us know in the comments below!


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