How to improve your website security? 

Securing a website is a game of changing tactics. Whenever you think that you have secured your site successfully, then the landscape changes.

Hackers constantly develop new strategies and techniques to access your site and steal your personal information. Therefore, to stay ahead of the game, you need to be smart enough while creating a website. 

As per the statistics, 64% of the organizations have experienced 95% breaches only due to human error.

This is one of the reasons why many organizations prefer outsourcing website services to create awesome and secured websites for business growth. 

Its well said- 

“Security is a public good. You don’t get as much of it if you try to only protect yourself as you do if you work to protect the whole #community and others do the same.” ~Tarah M. Wheeler

Well! Maintaining website security is both simple and complex. But if you take all necessary precautions and follow the right approach while developing a website, then you can get a better way to a safer website.

Now, without any further discussions, let’s take a run down into the tips that will help you improve your website security. 

7 Different ways to improve your website security

Let’s begin… 

Keep plugin’s & software up-to-date

It is analyzed that many companies have to compromise their website security due to outdated software.

Thus, it is crucial to keep your platforms and plugin up-to-date. Updated software and plugins will contain security enhancements and vulnerabilities that ensure website security. 

Always remember, the longer you wait, the higher you lose. If you don’t have enough time to update, I would recommend you design a website on a platform like HubSpot that manages security and updates on its own.

Use Smart Password

Another tactic that will help you improve your website security is by using smart passwords. Hackers commonly use sophisticated software to crack passwords. Therefore, you should use complex passwords to ensure that your website is safe.

For this, you can add a ten character long password. 

Once you create a password, make sure you change it regularly, as it will help you protect your site on a regular basis. So, if you are an owner of your company, then make sure that each employee changes their password on a regular basis. 

Backup your website data

Another way that will help you to keep your site safe is by giving a good backup solution. Say, if there are any damaged or lost files, and you don’t have any backup, then the probability of vulnerabilities is more.

But if you have a backup of your data and your site becomes inaccessible, then you can easily restore your website without any issue and security concerns.

One of the best ways is to keep your website data off-site. This way, you can protect your data from hacks, hardware failures, and viruses.

Moreover, you can also schedule your site backups by automating them. Once you have a reliable recovery system, then you can recover files and save data safely. 

Add HTTPS and an SSL Certificate

Another way to protect your website is by having a secured URL. Say if your site visitors send private information, then it is crucial for you to have HTTPS, irrespective of HTTP. Moreover, you can also add an SSL certificate named secure sockets layer.

It ensures that the information shared between the database and website is encrypted and safely transmitted. 

If your data is shared in encrypted form, then it would be meaningless to any third party. Hackers would not be able to steal visitors’ personal information. So, make sure your website has an updated SSL certificate and HTTPS. 

Use security tools

You might have heard that every individual should have firewall software installed and configured on their devices. Well! When it comes to using security tools, it’s a big yes. Web applications need firewall protection.

Say if you are building a WordPress website, then you can use tools like WordFence or Sucuri. Such tools will leverage teams and protect websites from vulnerable attacks. 

I would recommend you to choose a security tool that can be downloaded from every website. It will not only save your time but also build a secure website without any hurdles. 

Use secure web host

Just think for a moment; your website name resembles your street address. A web host is similar to a plot of real estate where you can find your website online. If the security of the area is not considered, then it will become very easy for them to enter your house.

Similar is the case with having a website with an unsecured web host. It would become effortless for the users to access your website. 

So, make sure whenever you choose a web host for your website, it provides server security features as it will help you to protect your website data better.

Thus, whenever you choose a hosting web service, don’t miss to have this below checklist-

  • Provides Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • Use Rootkit Scanner
  • Consider security updates
  • File backup services
  • Disable unknown user

If the chosen web host offers all the above factors, then you are on the right track. 

Avoid file uploads

Last but not least, tactics that can help you secure your website from vulnerable attacks are not allowing users to upload files to your website.

Uploading a file might look like a simple task, but it might contain a script that opens your website completely when executed on your server. 

It’s very difficult to rely on the mime type or file execution time and again. So, instead of analyzing the image size and font, ask users to avoid file uploads. Upload files on the website from which you have gone through.

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Indeed, there are countless ways to secure your website. But, hopefully, by considering the above points in detail, you can easily build a site without worrying about its security concerns. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start building a strong relationship with your website audience by securing all their personal information.

Still, if you have any problem or want to add some points to the above list, do share in the comments below. 


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