Legacies Season 3 is an upcoming supernatural drama series which is a spin off from the Originals and Vampire Diaries.

The show was first premiered on The CW on October 25, 2018 with the main Hope Mikaelson being portrayed by Danielle Rose Russell who is a 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson.

The show legacies were renewed in January 2019, at The CW, and on October 10, 2019, the second season premiered. Season 3 of the show was announced in early January 2020 this year and has been scheduled for a January 2021 premiere.


Legacies season 3 : Release update

The January 2021 premiere was announced before the global pandemic. This will only means that the show will be pushed back and postponed.

The thriller series has been critically acclaimed. However new episodes for the show may not be till mid-2021 on our TV screen.

Legacies Season 3: Plot

It seems that Landon and hope cannot awake at the ending of season 2.

The Necromancer is still lurking out there, but the good news is that Josie is better.

Season two definitely left us with two major cliff-hangers from the previous season such as the battle because of the dark version of Josie who controls the Merge and the Necromancer who kills the students from the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

Maybe Josie will be the hero and save the day by bringing Hope back to reality. Perhaps the necromancer might honor his deal with Rafael and bring back Landon too.

It is still too early to plot what is going to occur in season 3 of Legacies. We just have to wait and see what will happen in the trilogy.

The cast of Legacies Season 3

With the majority of the main cast surviving the second season, we can expect to see them back for the trilogy.

Danielle Russell will return as Hope Mikaelson.

  • Aria Shahghasemi as Landon Kirby
  • Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman
  • Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman.
  • Quincy Fouse as Milton
  • Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman
  • Chris Lee as Kaleb

Legacies revolves around Hope Mikaelson who is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson an original vampire and Hayley Marshall a hybrid. They are descended from the blood of some of the most powerful in this case original vampire, werewolf and witch bloodlines.

Hope Mikaelson, a 17-year-old attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted after two years of the events of The Originals.

We will update you on all Legacies Season 3 related info right here.

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