Love Alarm Season 2: If you are a fan of the show, you will be glad to know that the show has been renewed for season 2.

Director Lee Na-Jeong recently stated in his interview thatthey will go for season 2 only if the first season was a hit.

Based on Webtoon of the same name, it seems that season 1 was indeed proven to be a great hit and have been positively accepted by the fans.

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date

in October 2019, Netflix greenlit for the second season.

As of right now, there has not been much info r update regarding the release of the second season.

The first season has only eight episodes. So, there is speculation that the second season might follow the same format and may not take very long to come. Additionally, following a season releases the TV show seasons since Netflix, so we could be looking to get the August 2020 release.

But this as before pre-covid pandemic, so we will likely see the timeline being pushed.

Although the production house is not letting any info leaked about the release date to the public as there are still some shooting left to do.

The coronavirus effects are still improving in some countries and reports claimed that the shooting have been started for many other series as well. There has been a rumor about all the actors coming together for a script scanning session.

Love Alarm Season 2: Storyline

Love Alarm is based on a globe where a program/ software alarms people if somebody in their area likes them. This technology is used to empowers users to locate their lovers. In this series, love is experienced by Kim Jo-jo while dealing with the adversities.

Season 1 has indeed ended on a cliffhanger where Jojo was captured between Hye-Yeong and Sun-oh and not able to ring off the love alert.

This occurred because Cheong Duk Gu (Lee Jae-Seung) gave her a defense.

So it is likely to cover this area in the second season and the fans will surely love it.

Love Alarm Season 2 Cast

The three main casts of season 1 will likely return in season two including some of the supporting actors such as Z-Hera, Shin Seung-ho, Transfer Min-si, Yu In-soo, etc..

UPDATE: The main characters Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh, Kim Hyun as Kim Jo-jo, and Jung Ga Ram since Lee Hye-Yeong will return star in season two along with some new faces.

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