TikTok is a social networking service that aims to share videos all around. TikTok is owned by a company in china named ByteDance. In China, TikTok is known by the name Douyin. This platform is created to share small videos like comedy, dance, education, style, and much more. The duration of these videos is from 15 seconds – 3 minutes. Likes and followers are the key support of TikTok. You can buy TikTok likes through SMM World.com.


It is the duty of all social media sites to guard their consumers. Using TikTok is restricted for youngsters under the age of 13 years. They are not allowed to use this forum. That means that it is mandatory to insert your date of birth along with the birth year at the time of making an account.

Furthermore, changing your age after entering it is a difficult task. Since adding a piece of fake profile information is so easy and later on, change it. Children’s Online Protection Act 1994 (COPA) is responsible to make corporations like TikTok. They are responsible to protect children when they use any online social media platform. They have strict rules which are necessary to be followed by these companies. Hence, if somebody makes an account on TikTok app and he is under 13 years of age, there are high chances that the account will be deleted soon and TikTok will penalize that account.

Accordingly, in the event that you have enlisted and are under 13-years of age, you will probably have your record erased when they notice. Moreover, in the event that you have enrolled with a phony date of birth, you likewise hazard losing your record. That implies, in the event that you coincidentally entered some unacceptable date of birth when you enrolled, you need to realize how to change your age on TikTok. Here is a speedy aide, yet observe, it is difficult.


When someone registers to the TikTok account who is under 13 years of age, he puts the fake information to sign-up. there is no option of updating your age later on TikTok. Therefore, TikTok support is needed to confirm, what change you want. Here are some steps you need to follow.

  1. Login to your TikTok account.
  2. Open your profile page.
  3. Now click on the icon at the top right corner having 3 dots.
  4. Now scroll to the support portion.
  5. Now click the bar “report a problem”. You need it.
  6. Now fill the box by writing your problem

Now in the identification process, it will ask for your ID. So instead of that, you can send them your passport or a birth certificate for official identification.

However, it is not easy for TikTok to change your age. Many people want to get access to accounts before they need to get. Therefore, if we take things wisely, we can conclude here that you need to wait till the age you need to be to make an account with the actual date of birth.

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