The emergence of certain tech trends in the past year has essentially overhauled the way we navigate through life. From holding family conversations on FaceTime to enjoying new movies directly on streaming services, digital solutions have changed quite a few things pretty quickly.

These effects are also evident in the way we perceive the modern workplace. With the availability of purpose-built technologies, the conventional office and its typical processes have all changed for the better.

To explore just how much technology has influenced the corporate environment in recent times, here are 5 tech trends that are positively changing the workplace.

1. Video Meetings Instead of In-person Meetups

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have experienced video calls becoming a part of the most effective business solutions in 2021. With the ability to conduct easy conferences as well as one-on-one discussions, video calling has become the primary solution for nearly all types of workplaces.

That is why from snazzy startups to conventional government offices, almost every official setting can now see some sort of video call setup incorporated in it. If you still haven’t gotten used to the modality, it’s time to broaden your horizons and welcome the trend that’s here to stay for a while.

2. Fine Tuning Data for Machine Learning

Over the past few years, machine learning (ML) has become more reliable due to advanced solutions as well as the use of larger data sets. But as ML merges with DevOps to become MLOps, it also calls for fine tuned datasets that can be easily identified by machine learning mechanisms.

With unprecedented modifications such as the 2021 CPT code changes fortunately making it easier for MLOps to read and differentiate data, the trend is set to be adopted by a number of other industries. In order to benefit from faster data processing and MLOps integration, you can also focus on capturing and processing data in a way that makes it ideal for machine learning.

3. Dependence on Automation Apps

Dependence on Automation Apps

The focus on letting go of redundant processes has also become prominent in recent times. This has opened doors to automated workflows that make everyday processes more efficient as compared to their execution by manual intervention. If you want your operation to benefit from the same features, you can explore these options quite easily.

Due to the widespread availability of the technology, it has become easy for business owners to learn how automation can improve a small business. Through the use of a digital automation solution, you can leverage this capability through a point-and-click interface. This allows you to customize automation according to your process flows.

4. Usage of Multi-factor Authentication

With the emergence of cybersecurity threats that exploit corporate data through various techniques, it has become more important than ever for businesses to secure their operations. This is especially true in a day and age where remote work reigns supreme and multiple login locations have become a norm.

Due to this reason, multi-factor authentication services have become the new standard for basic security. With multiple points of verification, you can limit the risk of unauthorized or compromised access. Since these services are widely available for businesses of all sizes, you can easily adopt this trend and reap the rewards of additional security.

5. Integration of Remote Workplace Settings

The shift towards work from home settings during the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak took everyone by surprise. But as workplaces open back up, some employers and employees are sticking with the work from home routine due to its overall efficiency and comfort. This is especially true for modern workplaces that believe in evolving their operations.

In case you want to integrate the remote working modality into your own operations, you can easily look into a cloud office applicationthat helps you and your employees work from anywhere. This provides your employees with their preferred work setting while also ensuring that there is no negative effect on productivity.

By keeping tabs on these tech trends, you can benefit from the adoption of the latest solutions. This lets your business stay efficient in the face of evolving mechanisms while also helping in aspects such as cost-optimization and quality improvement.

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