Reality Z Season 2: It is a Brazilian zombie horror web television series, created it by Clàudio Torres.

It is based on the Dead Set, a British television miniseries. The first season of Reality Z, consisting of 10 episodes was released on June 10, 2020, on Netflix.

The setting of the show follows, Olympus, a successful reality show, where Jessica, TK, Augusto, Veronica, Marcos, Madonna, and Cliede are constricted— It is interrupted as a Zombie apocalypse attacks Rio De Janeiro. As a consequence, the production and cast are forced to remain trapped in the studio. Nina, who’s a production runner, leads the fight against monsters.

The show was super hit and fans are crazy to know about the arrival of Season 2.
Moreover, Netflix has not made any official announcement about the renewal of the series for Season 2.

Here, are more updates of Reality Z Season2!

Reality Z Season 2

Release of Reality Z Season 2

If the Reality Z gets officially renewed by Netflix for more episodes; we’re assuming it to be premiered in the next year. As the first season, premiered recently in June 2020. However, due to the ongoing global pandemic, it may even take a longer time.

We’re expecting the Reality Z season 2 to release in summer 2021.

Cast of Reality Z Season 2

The main lead of the show Ana Hartmann as Nina is likely to return for season 2. Other casts of the show:

• Ravel Andrade

• Guilherme Weber

• Carla Ribas

• Emilio De Mello

• Jesus Luz

• João Pedro Zappa

Expected Storyline Of Reality Z 

The official synopsis or plot for season 2 is yet to be disclosed. Most probably, the information of what will happen in the next season would be revealed closer to the release date of the show through teasers and trailer.

The second season storyline might pick up right after the concluding episode of Season 1. It would be a suspenseful and thrilling experience for the viewers. Reality Z Season 2 will be jam-packed with zombie horror, suspense, and thriller.

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