Is your Capital One card declined? Are you asking the obvious question “Why is my Capital One Account Restricted”?

Capital One Account can be restricted due to unusual purchase, extra dues on your capital one credit card, large 3rd party payments, and other sign of fraudulent activity.

Before you panic, just wanna let you know that it’s not only your card that get’s restricted. There are tons of other people who are going through the same situation as you.

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We will be going through the problems, the possible caused and the solutions to remove the restriction.

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Why is my Capital One Account Restricted

Getting your Card restricted can be very problematic. There are maybe multiple reasons for getting your account restricted on Capital one.

What is Capital One Card Restricted?

Restriction on a Card means that you can no longer use it to make purchases, but it doesn’t always mean that is permanently closed. The restriction are applied in most case if unusual pattern and activities are going on to your account.

Why is my Capital One Account Restricted?

Capital One have a dedicated fraud department to assess and check. As a matter of fact, to avoid any further issues, they might even close the account if the activity seems highly unusual and involve huge spending.

Capital One restricts card for various reasons. Here are some of the main and common reasons why your Capital One card may be declined:

Credit Limit

This is probably the most common cause of it. Similar to any other bank, Capital One will get your Card restricted if they believe that the account is showing abnormal or strange activities.

For instance, if you go over your credit limit multiple times and they will also reduce the maximum credit limit automatically if you go over it.

Bank and Card issuers understand that criminals have evolved and not that stupid anymore. They use a stolen card and usually “test the waters”.

It basically means they transact for a small amount initially before they start a wild spending spree. If they see an unusual strange spending pattern, they might restrict or block your credit card automatically.

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This is a security feature from the Card issuer and sometimes if you trigger the small-big transaction pattern, it can result in card restriction.

Rapid Transaction

If you make a rapid Several Purchases, it is a quick way to get your card restricted. So, for example, if you visit four different mall or stores in a row within a short period to get advantage of the limited product or discounts – chances of getting your card restricted is higher as it is considered usually as unusual activity.

Shopping on Location you Never Shopped Before

Sometimes, they may block your card for Shopping on a new location Where You’ve Never Shopped. I know it sounds crazy, but Capital One include that in their security feature as unusual activity and doesn’t want to take that risk and assume that it is stolen.

So, if it blocked for this reason, you can contact Capital One and let them know that it was actually you who is spending on the new location and that your card is not stolen.

This is the case for international travellers, when you buy products in another country rapidly or pattern that seems unusual and looks suspicious, Capital One will choose to restrict it for security reasons.

Are There any Penalties for Card Restrictions?

No, Capital One does not penalize you in any way for getting your Card Restricted. However, unless you remove the Restriction on your Credit Card, it will remain inactive and you cannot use it for Purchase.

If you have old debt, you will need to pay and you will be good to go.

How to Remove Restriction On Capital One Credit Card?

You can contact Capital one Customer Care Number 1-800-227-4825 or 1-800-867-0904 and inquire about the restriction. They will inform you on why it was restricted in the first place.

Depending on your activity, they will ask about where the payments are going to or coming from, large 3rd party payments and multiple payments in the same week or month to your account are red flags.

You might need to prove where those payments came from especially if they are Big Numbers.

If it is due to any unusual activity, you can let them know that it was you who was spending and If it’s something else just add the details about the activity.

Sometimes, it may be because you have too much credit. If this the case, you need to pay off all your outstanding debt to remove the restriction on your account.

When you contact their customer service, they will assign you with an issue manger with whom you can talk clearly about the issue and the restriction problem.

Unfortunately, it can take capital one from a week to two to get your account unrestricted. So, it isn’t an automatic process, you have to wait for a while.


So the next time your Capital One account is restricted, there’s no need to panic, unless you really don’t know why it is blocked and you haven’t done any recent unusual transaction or you went over the limit.

Simply, Contact the Capital One customer team and ask for assistance to remove and lift the restriction.


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