Have you lately feel that your employees are misusing company resources? Or they are slacking off behind your back. You will find few employees who are loyal to their work. But commonly, you’ll experience lazy workers.

You can’t control people or how they function without adequate knowledge of their work ethics. But you can monitor them and find out if they’re working or wasting time. With modern age technology, it is possible to track your employees remotely through your employee’s android phones.

Is monitoring employees’ legal?

The question of monitoring employees is debatable. Looking at a big perspective, every country has its legal restrictions regarding a sensitive case of privacy. It would help if you were careful to look into the business tracking app before using it.

You can end up in a big legal problem, but these problems occur when installing employee tracking software on personal phones. But you can use it on a company-owned device, and you won’t face any issues in the future. Ensure the comfort level of workers before downloading business tracking software on company devices.

Why do employers feel the need to monitor phones at the workplace?

The relationship between company managers and employee is fragile. Monitoring employees every day is a hectic job, but it is necessary for keeping the office structure sane. Maybe it’s uncomfortable for some people as they think it’s invasion of privacy. But that’s not true; the primary goal of using the best employee monitoring app is to make progress in the business. Here are some reasons that lead an employer to take this step.

·       Detect weakness in business:

Business tracking app helps detect weakness in businesses by keeping a close eye on company workers. You can enhance performance by taking different work approaches such as tools, skills, resources. It will help you to expand your company and get more clients in the future.

·       Increase in productivity:

A business is based on the employees, and if they work with complete dedication, it’ll grow. But business can’t function under some circumstances. In short, employees are the driving force of a company that lead businesses towards success. It’s important to monitor employees’ productivity levels and ensure they aren’t skipping work. As an employer, you can provide them guidance to enhance their performance based on daily monitoring.

·       Capture deceiving employees:

The world isn’t a perfect place where you can trust everyone. You’ll meet someone in your career that’ll deceive you. If you have doubts about an employee who can manipulate company data and use it for their benefits, using employee tracking software will be helpful. Using the tracking feature, you can view their transactions and email exchange. You will get certainty of who is the deceiver in the company rather than questioning everyone.

·       Security of business data:

Companies have sensitive data that they can’t risk losing or getting leaked, such as private documents, client information, emails, and more. You need to monitor those employees who have more access to such information. You can use tracking tools to ensure that no one’s sending or leaking any business data.

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TheWiSpy employee monitoring software:

Multiple monitoring apps are used for spying, but you need to find a perfect solution to provide you high-quality results and legal privileges. THEWISPY is the best location tracking app that is highly recommended for you. It has more than 30 tracking features that you can use. There won’t be any problem in functionality because TheWiSpy is designed based on advanced technology. It is a compatible app that you can install on any android device.

How does TheWiSpy work?

The working of TheWiSpy is pretty simple; the primary purpose of this app is to offer spying functions to its user. There are two main modules of this app: an android employee monitoring software app and a web-based system. You are required to install the app on your employees’ mobile devices.

And the web interface is for the end-user where he can log in to monitor. When you want to watch the location of your worker, you can use the best location tracking app feature. The app will fetch the information from the phone’s GPS and upload it to the TWS account. The other features work the same way.

How to use TheWiSpy for monitoring:

You need to follow the instructions given to start monitoring. First, you need to get TheWiSpy on your target’s phone. You can follow this easy process that will help you get started with the best android monitoring app.

1.      Get subscription:

TheWiSpy is an in-purchase app, so you need to get its subscription. Open the browser to get to the official TheWiSpy website. You will find three different packages, premium, standard, and starter. It has other price plans and features offered. You can complete this process to move further to the next step.

2.      Install the app:

TheWiSpy sends an email to the user on their provided mail. It includes login details and a link to install TheWiSpy. You can use the web browser on your employee’s phone to start downloading using the URL.

In minutes you’ll have a hidden app on the android phone ready to work. You should know one thing that you need to install the app manually. Apart from that, the complete working of TheWiSpy business tracking app is remote.

3.      Get started:

The hard part is over, and you can open your laptop or mobile to log in to your account and start monitoring your employees. TheWiSpy lists all available features on the home screen; you are one click away from remotely tracking your employee’s online activities.

TheWiSpy price plans:

TheWiSpy comes with three different price plans so you could choose under your budget. TWS believes in providing quality services. That’s why these affordable plans are a perfect fit for you.

1.      Standard plan:

The standard plan contains advanced TheWiSpy features that are highly effective. Here are the following features you can use for monitoring your employees.

  • Call log monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Calendar spy
  • Web browse history
  • Phone book hacking
  • App monitoring

You can get this plan in further three periods.

·       1-month plan:

  • $29.99 only

·       3-month plan:

  • $59.99 only

·       6-month plan:

  • $89.99 only

2.      Premium plan:

Premium plans have remote features that help you make changes on the phone as well. You can remotely delete files, record audio or video, and get real-time updates. Here are some of the highlighted functions you can enjoy by subscribing to a premium plan.

  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Take Picture
  • Call Recordings
  • Remote Commands
  • Device Switch Application
  • Locations
  • Calendar
  • Events
  • Spy microphone
  • Wi-Fi Logger

·       1-month plan:

  • $39.99 only

·       3-month plan:

  • $69.99 only

·       6-month plan:

  • $99.99 only

3.      Platinum plan:

TheWiSpy has introduced its new and effective platinum plan. It contains all old and new remote features that you can use to spy.

  • Whatsapp Spy
  • Lock Screen Remotely
  • Keyword Alert
  • Call Block Spy
  • Browser History spy
  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Spy microphone
  • Take Picture
  • Call Recordings
  • Remote Commands

·       1-month plan:

  • $69.99 only

·       3-month plan:

  • $119.99 only

·       6-month plan:

  • $149.99 only


TheWiSpy is a legit best location tracking app that employers across the globe broadly use. You will have the latest update on your employee activity by installing the employee monitoring software on their phones.

It might look like a lot of work, but with TheWiSpy’s user-friendly interface and excellent results, you can do your best. Make sure that your employees are comfortable working in such an environment. You don’t have to nag your workers all day to get better results. Instead, use TheWiSpy and let the app do all the work.

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