In recent years, the hiring of private detective services in our country has increased a lot. The main motives or objectives of the contractors are to monitor possible love deception, discover insurance scams and other issues that have made this sector fashionable. But how much does a private detective cost?

Many people feel hesitant to hire the services of a private detective, of course these doubts tend to be related to how much they have to pay for investigation services. If you are one of them then this article is for you.

It is important to contact a detective company that you know in advance has a good reputation, since in recent years intrusion in the sector has increased. However, today you can find very good professionals who will guide you to follow the best strategy in relation to the project.

As for the price, to give you an idea, making a consultation in one of these agencies can cost you between $ 30 and $ 60 per hour, charging the rest of the services separately. In general, they usually charge per hour of work performed. As with any other professional, these rates increase if the service is done on holidays or at night. In these cases, the prices of private investigators usually vary within a range of between $ 50 and $ 80 per hour. However, privatetterforsker pris is something subjective. You cannot generalize the rate you have to pay in Norway or in the United States. The price really depends on where you hire the detective, the tasks you are assigned, and where he has to operate.

In addition, you have to think that at this price it may be necessary to add accommodation, travel and other expenses for the professionals to carry out the project. For example, research agencies report on project progress and completion.

In total, these expenses can be up to $ 1000 depending on the complexity of the service. But you have to keep in mind that these reports are very useful, since they are valid if they are brought before a judge. As you can see, the truth is that these services are not very cheap. However, it is worth looking for a private detective when you already have certain suspicions that that person is cheating on you. Trusting each other is very important, even from the beginning.

Regarding the payment method, if you are a private individual, you will most likely have to pay the research budget in advance. And to that price it is usually necessary to add a provision or deposit with the amount that the company determines.

The classic problem: Betrayal

This issue may also be of interest to companies, which in some cases become loyal clients of the services of private detectives. When this happens, they usually want to investigate whether employees are betraying the company’s loyalty. These investigations basically focus on fraud. Therefore, private detective companies save them a lot of money. On the other hand, insurance costs have increased with the crisis, and so have accident fraud. There are fake sick leave, traffic accidents with fake damage, etc.

Small businesses want to put an end to these scams and there is nothing better than to investigate it and hire a person or company to find out the truth. On the other hand, it is also frequent that there are workers who are thinking of suing their company and need evidence for a labor lawsuit.

What do private detectives do?

In Norway there are many active detective licenses. Their main job is to look for clues that bring them closer to the truth. But to be a private detective you have to meet a certain profile. In summary, the characteristics that define these researchers are patience, tenacity, the ability to disguise themselves and the ability to sacrifice for having to wait many hours for an answer.

In addition, they are specialists and often use spy equipment. Above all they need cameras, videos and a good vehicle. They can investigate a wide variety of cases. Depending on the complexity of the operation, they can be solved in a day or in a month. They work in cases of industrial espionage, fraud of work accidents, traffic, etc. And everything related to the world of company and business, which is one of the types of cases with the highest demand, as we have already indicated.

These are the cases that they tend to investigate most frequently:


    Children’s behaviors




    Feigned casualties

    Unfair competition

    Trademark counterfeiting

    Computer fraud

    Pre-employment reports

    Loss or theft simulation

    Other detective services

    People searches

    Custody of minors

    Matrimonial themes


    Duplication of jobs

But this market has also been extended to the most particular field. For example, it is increasingly common to hire private investigators to catch a marital infidelity. In fact, they are the most common cases.

On the other hand, a private detective does a great deal of documentation related work. On many occasions it is necessary to find evidence to prove the ownership or ownership of an asset, or family ties, especially in cases of inheritance, disappearances, paternity tests, etc.

In this sense, private detectives do a lot of field and documentary work in order to find decisive evidence and proof. But companies and individuals are not the only regular customers. Law firms also often hire these professionals to investigate prosecutable crimes. In reality, detectives can only take charge of these investigations at the request of the legitimate party in the criminal process.

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In any case, lawyers often need a private detective to securely tie a trial thanks to different elements, such as legal evidence and incontestable evidence. Remember that the first step to obtain a budget according to your specific case is to contact a private detective agency that will inform you about it. No one can advise you better than a private investigation professional.

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