Pubfilm Online is a movie streaming website that allows you to watch your favorite shows and films for free.

The site is not that well known compared to many other popular streaming sites like FMovies, Putlocker, etc

Most of its traffic come from the USA and the UK with over 8 million visits to the site. Nonetheless, the site is popular in other countries as well.

You could binge-watch all your favorite series especially when we are all in quarantine. It’s a good way to spend your time.

By the way, this website is not completely legal, which is why you need to be aware of. As a disclaimer, we don’t condone or encourage piracy.

Since we got that out of the way, I mean who doesn’t like free stuff. It’s like a Mini-Netflix site, this one has all the content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime Video and it’s free. So, make your choice.

Pubfilm Online

Pubfilm Online Proxies and Mirrors:

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Pubfilm Online Features:

Pubfilm has many amazing features, here are a few of them that are worth mentioning.

Free Content

This one is obvious, but the main reasoning behind the site existence is providing free streaming. So yes, they are free.

Many people don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for the paid streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu. So, this is a perfect solution without paying a penny.

Early Release Dates

With paid streaming service, you will likely have to wait for the content to make them available after they are released on theatre. Occasionally,they may release on-time, but often they are often season behind.

Pubfilm on the other hand releases movies and TV shows much earlier compared to paid streaming services. Although they may be in the CAM version for theatre release, you can still watch way earlier than paid streaming service.

Notification Of New Movie/ Episode Releases

You can keep up with your favorite series as soon as it is released by turning on the Notification. This way Pubfilm will notify you of when new TV shows and movies are released.

It’s simple, easy and very effective too.

You Don’t Need To Register

Again, quite obvious. By the way, we wouldn’t recommend you to add your personal details such as Email, card number, address, name,etc to any of these free streaming websites apart from pubfilms too.

Pubfilms doesn’t need you to login or require to input any details to access the site.

Again, don’t any credit card details or other sensitive financial/ general information about you at all.

Easy To Use

The site is very well designed and easy to use as well. The homepage features all the latest released movies and Shows. Genres and categories are well organized. A search bar at the top right corner if you want to put any particular movie or series to watch.

It is quite a beginner friendly and nothing extra-ordinary in design. But very easy to use.

How does Pubfilm Online Work?

Pubfilm is basically a cyberlocker and is a file hosting index site. The primary language of the website is in English but you will find content from all around the world, from hollywood to bollywood and other local content too.

It also has the option to enable subtitles.You may find popups or redirects ads on the site. You can install pop-up ad-blocker to solve the issue.

Getting started with Pubfilm is simple. Users can access either access,,,,, If any of the URL doesn’t work. Do a simple google search “Pubfilm”. Every new site either proxies or mirrors has emulated the same functioning. So, the functions and features are all the same.

10 Best Pubfims Online Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives of Pubfilm that has more or less the same features.


This site has one of the largest streaming library and is also very well-organized and has a minimalist interface with easy to navigate buttons.

The site has everything for everyone and caters to all demands and selections. Apart from movies, you will also find the largest selection of live-action TV shows. Genres ranging from Action, comedy, war, anime, theatre, documentary, horror, etc

The site also allows you to filter your shows and movies either by release date, alphabetically,ratings or by the number of views/ popularity. This options make it super simple to find something to watch if you have nothing particular in mind.

Similar to Pubfilms, there is no requirement for signing up and compared to the other’s on the list, it has fewer ads too which is a good thing.


Popcornflix is quite the site and offers a huge library of all the popular movies and shows from the latest release to the classics. It is one of the best alternative to Pubfilm.

You can expect a tons of movie genres to choose from and it is one of the best sites to find old movie classics.

You can easily navigate and search around the site without getting lost.

This site is well optimized for not only desktop but also for iPhone or Android layouts. So, you can stream anywhere and wherever.


The third on the list is SolarMovie which is one of the best free streaming sites with tons of features.

It has a much superior search function than the others and is again well-organized into genres and categories. The site design is nothing out of the ordinary but very clean and simple. Nothing too cluttery, so that’s an added bonus.

You can also filter your content by genres, what’s trending, most viewed, release date, IMDB ratings and highest user-rated.

No need to Sign up, free and fast streaming links. However, it’s library is a bit smaller compared to 123Movies but nonetheless, it still has in terms of thousands for you to watch.

Los Movies

Los Movies is another on the list. It is a free streaming site and offers an excellent variety of movies and TV shows.

It has a huge collection of content from all over the world. It has hundreds or thousands of pages of shows and movies.

Filter your search results by date added, release date, ratings. LosMovies has subtitle options, so you can watch any foreign language movies in English subtitles to help you understand better.

However, you might come across some pop-up ads along the way.


Fmovies is one of the founding pioneers of free online movie streaming sites. It has been around for a long time now and basically offers free streaming.

The site has a huge library of content and has unique, easy to navigate interface and layout. You will find all the latest released shows and movies on the homepage. It is minimal and not cluttered with ad although you will find some pop-up ads.

Fmovies’ apart from it’s huge library of content also has an excellent search function and multiple filter options.

Sort content by Genres, Categories, recently added, ratings, most watched, etc. It is one of the popular and best sites out there.


GoMovies has two homepage layouts and allows you to choose form the two. Both design are simple, minimalistic, less cluttered and easy to use.

If you are not happy with the site layout you choose, there is a button that will take you to the old layout. Option to sort and filter movies by genres, trending, most viewed, and IMDb rating.

Wanna stream in night? Well, to help with your eyes, you can enable night mode which is uncommon.


Moviesjoy is another website that is quite similar to Pubfilm. To be honest, there is nothing much to add.
It allows you to stream for free.

Genres includes – Action, Comedy, War, Sci-fi, Mystery, Documentary, Horror, Thriller, Western, etc


What I like about Movierulz is that it provides you with a tons of links for each movies. So, even if there is a link that is either dead or not working, you’ll almost always find another alternative working link to stream.

This site speed is lighting quick and loads instantaneously. You can sort by Categories, Rating, etc. Apart from Hollywood, you can stream Bollywood, Tollywood and other asian movies too,


YesMovies isn’t exactly the site with the largest catalog but what it has, they are offered in HD quality and offer smooth streaming.

You can sort by category and find content that is not available in many other streaming sites. The site design is also very well crated, nothing fancy, simple yet easy to use.


M4Ufree is the last on the list, but it still has tons of amazing features lacking in many of the above sites.

It has a decent amount of content, you can stream full-length movies and complete seasons and episodes of TV Shows. Most of the links are not luve and even id they are dead, you will find alternative working links.

The original M4Ufree site seems to be down but you will find tons of mirror and proxies, providing eactly the same content and has the same features as the original site.

Most of the content are offered in HD but depending on your Internet connection speed, you can choose from either- 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Why You Should Always Use a VPN With Free Streaming Sites

In most case, the Free streaming sites are illegal and contains pirated content, so they are being taken down constantly, hence their domain URL change continuously.

Hence, a number of mirror sites are created by webmasters and since anyone can create it, they are particularly dangerous. Even if these mirrors websites were safe before, there’s no way to guarantee they’ll always be that way.

Also, as mentioned before, they are file index hosting site, which means they don’t typically host their own content. Instead, they act as a middle man and index the links from third parties hosting the content you want to watch.

This comes with added risks, as the site itself have no control over it.

Most of the sites are usually bombarded with intrusive pop-ups. So, we recommend you install pop-up ad-blockers to solve the issue.

A VPN is the obvious and best method to not protect yourself from the variety of cyber threats but also hide your location.

Keeps your sensitive information private

Most of these free movie streaming sites have little to no built-in security, almost none at all. So, even an inexperienced hacker can view your IP address, location and your activity on the website, and maybe even much more.

Using a VPNs connection will route your internet connection through a secure tunnel protected with advanced encryption to keep your activity, location private.

Helps you avoid legal action

In most countries around the world, streaming copyrighted content on free streaming sites may have legal consequences.

However using a VPNs can ensure your anonymity by hiding your real IP and assigning you a new IP address.

Allows access to geo-restricted streaming content

VPN can bypass restricted website by your ISP, government, university, or workplace.

Blocks malware and intrusive ads

Some premium VPNs like ExpressVPN have built-in security measures to block malware, trackers, and other intrusive ads. This can be really helpful if you want to stream from any of these websites.

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Pubfilm FAQ

Are these Pubfilms alternatives safe?

Yes, they are safe at the moment. But that doesn’t mean they always will be.

Bad streaming sites are best to avoid. Worst case scenario, they could infect your device with harmful malware and viruses or invasive spyware to expose your sensitive info.

Is it legal to use Pubfilm?

The answer depends on where you are located and what content you’re watching. Due to strict copyright and licensing laws, it’s usually illegal in most countries to stream copyrighted shows and movies without paying for it.

However, many of the free streaming sites still offer plenty of legal content such as classics and user-created content without breaking any copyright laws.

What should I look for and what should I avoid in a free streaming site?

You can use the above alternatives, but here are some features that looks to catfish your info.

A free streaming site will never ask for your info such as registration to access the content or pay to upgrade. If you’re willing to pay to watch, why are you even here in the first place, there are plenty of better options out there such as Netflix and Hulu.


Pubfilm is working at the moment. If they are not in the future, you still have tons of alternatives to choose from and binge watch your favorite shows or movies.

Just a quick recap, Remember to always install an ad-blocker and use a secure VPN to hide your IP, block ads, unblock websites and protect your privacy while you stream.

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