What is a Text Mail Subscriber? A text mail subscriber is an individual who specifically requests to receive text emails. They can be displayed on Apple Watches.

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What is Text Mail Subscriber?

Text Message basically means creating and forwarding electronic messages. They are text email in plain text that consists of only letters and numeric characters.

The Text messages can be sent via the cellular networks, or even a Wifi or Internet connection between two users by mobile devices, desktops/laptops, or any other compatible devices.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber

Text Mail Subscriber in Technical Terms

Phillip Remaker has explained in detailed and in more technical terms.

Most of the modern email is in a MIME format which allows multi-part mail with file attachments, as well as HTML and/or Plain Text formats.

The HTML format is the one providing for extended character sets, formatting, graphics, and other links. It is for those who insists on seeing only text format in plain text with no unadulterated text and other special formatting.

Here is a message I recently sent to a friend to illustrate the types.

Line 1 starts with the header.

Line 10 starts the plain text email.

Line 42 is the same email, however in HTML, with clickable links,

Phillip states that he had hacked out some info for privacy and also to trip up the Quora URL interpreter to keep the videos from embedding.

MIME-Version: 1.0 
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2019 12:47:05 -0700 
Message-ID: <CAL=TDj9rYSJp3VzQ-UqRqwSpOx96Sk_kg5x7c=1E6N7-tcLrvg@mail.gmail.com> 
Subject: Music? 
From: Phillip Remaker <> 
To: <> 
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="000000000000f77f0005955cd435" 
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8" 
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable 
Not sure if you get my texts, but I recently became aware of some fun music 
you should discover. I=E2=80=99m late to the game so you may already know these folks. 
Louis Cole of Knower has some big band funk solo work: 
httpx://youtube.c o m/watch?v=3DZMI1iU7VgyI 
In smaller form of the band 
httpx://m.youtube.c o m/watch?v=3DGnEmD17kYsE 
Also enjoying Vulfpeck. Dig up Dean Town, Beastly, Cory Wong. 
The Cory Wong video is fun: 
httpx://youtu. b e/AWBUnr0F3Zo 
Still with me? Check out Snarky Puppy and Mononeon. 
12 years since Elftones! 
Blasters in SF, December 9-11. You need to manage a trip. No China dates... 
httpx://www.theblasters.c o m/shows 
Hope things are great there. 
Content-Type: text/html; charset="UTF-8" 
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable 
<div dir=3D"auto">Not sure if you get my texts, but I recently became aware= 
 of some fun music you should discover. I=E2=80=99m late to the game so you= 
 may already know these folks.</div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir=3D= 
"auto">Louis Cole of Knower has some big band funk solo work:</div><div dir= 
=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir=3D"auto">Thinking</div><div dir=3D"auto"><div>= 
<a href=3D"https://youtube.c o m/watch?v=3DZMI1iU7VgyI">https://youtube.c o m/w= 
atch?v=3DZMI1iU7VgyI</a></div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir=3D"auto"= 
>In smaller form of the band</div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir=3D"a= 
uto">Overtime</div><div dir=3D"auto"><div><a href=3D"https://m.youtube.c o m/= 
watch?v=3DGnEmD17kYsE">https://m.youtube.c o m/watch?v=3DGnEmD17kYsE</a></div= 
><br></div>Also enjoying Vulfpeck. Dig up Dean Town, Beastly, Cory Wong.</d= 
iv><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir=3D"auto">The Cory Wong video is fun= 
:=C2=A0<div><a href=3D"https://youtu.b e/AWBUnr0F3Zo">https://youtu.b e/AWBUn= 
r0F3Zo</a></div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir=3D"auto">Still with me= 
? Check out Snarky Puppy and Mononeon.</div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><di= 
v dir=3D"auto">12 years since Elftones!</div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><d= 
iv dir=3D"auto">Blasters in SF, December 9-11. You need to manage a trip. N= 
o China dates...=C2=A0<div><a href=3D"http://www.theblasters.c o m/shows">htt= 
p://www.theblasters.c o m/shows</a></div><div dir=3D"auto"><br></div><div dir= 
=3D"auto">Hope things are great there.</div></div></div><div dir=3D"auto"><= 

Line 10 starts the Plain TEXT mail and it is readable even for beginner and primitive mail readers.

The Line 42 starts with the HTML mail. It basically renders beautifully in a mail client, however adds tons of human unreadable junk that can confuses the screen readers or old email clients.

People that don’t want all that fancy-schmancy HTML goop can ask to be text mail subscribers.

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A text mail subscriber opt to only read emails that are sent to them as plain text.

They basically choose not yo receive the HTML or Rich Text emails for more level of privacy and security from the web beacons tracking if they open or click on emails.

So, if you only receive text emails, not multi-part, a simple text email broadcasts to subscribers will do.

Most ESPs (Email Solution Provider) does offer an option to create a different text version.

When an ESP is used to send text emails, opens and clicks can be tracked, a text mail subscriber that prefers to only read emails that are sent to them as plain text.

When sending mail to these individuals it is recommended to use plain text to make reading the emails simpler.

How to track a text mail subscriber?

You cannot exactly find out who is calling or sending you the texts as a result of a text mail subscription.

If the call are from unknown users, chances are they are from spam or legitimate users but we recommend you to better off not taking a chance.

If you get contacted by an unknown number, they usually are from spam, so you can either delete and block them. You can type the text mail subscriber information into Google search to get more info on the subcriber.

Is a text mail subscriber a scam?

No, the Text mail subscriber is a service and not necessarily a scam although there are many scam going around. We recommend you to research about the company that is calling or sending you the text mails.

Search online and try reading reviews and see if there are any scam alerts about them online. However if there are no scam alerts, it’s possibly safe but it’s up to you to take the risk.

Our recommendation is if you don’t know the person or where the call or email came from, you can simply just hit delete!

Nowadays, it’s risky to open unknown emails due to malware and virus infection. It takes a click for the “Trojan horse” to “hi-jack” your computer.

But that doesn’t mean all Text Mail Subscriber is a scammer but there are many scammers going around.


Hope this guide helps you in finding out what is a text mail subscriber. If you got more information to add, you can always let us know either by contacting us or via the comments below.

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