There are quite a few people that wonder what is Ping ms. According to this reliable source, a ping MS is something that measures the data you throw to the computer and back to you. When you come to think of it, professional gamers would benefit a lot when the ping is pretty fast. If you play online games pretty often then you must test your ping many times.

Go to this website to test it as soon as possible and you won’t regret it because you don’t really need to download anything to accomplish that goal. It won’t even take too much of your time. MS means milliseconds and that is how you would measure it because it is that fast. Anything below 100 ms would be alright. If you play games that often then you should aim for below 50 ms. Besides, you may as well hand it over to those people who are right up there with you when it comes to doing all the stuff you are used to doing.

You can’t really be satisfied when the ping is over one hundred or even close to that. You would want something a lot lower and you can check out strategies that will help you get it lower. You don’t really have much time to waste because you can just sit back, relax and do your thing the way it is supposed to be done. If it is over 150, you will notice a bit of a lag.

This is the time when you would panic because having a slow Internet connection could be caused by so many things and you would be pressured on finding out what those things are. There are times when it is all about just closing some programs that you are not really using anyway. It would be meaningless to have many programs open at the same time as it would be better to just open the ones that matter.

According to this website, you must aim for less than 20 ping ms if you are a professional gamer. After all, every step counts when you are depending on playing games as a way of paying all of your bills. When that happens, you know you would want to do whatever it takes to decrease the ping. It is indeed possible you are not that satisfied with the ping ms the moment the ping test gets done.

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As a result, you will want to do a variety of strategies that would lower your ping like going nearer the router or buying a completely new one. When you do some of those common tactics then you should do another ping test on the same website in order to find out if you were successful with your strategy. It would be possible that the ping would get lowered but not that much. you can play the game again and see if your performance would improve against all the other worldwide players who are up against you. 

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