www.Drivesafelyinnassau.com Official – Everybody at some point always breaks traffic signals either intentionally or unintentionally. Doesn’t matter which one you do, if you break the traffic rules, you have to pay the fine.

To better help check and even make the public aware that they are being watched which could help decrease the number of red-light runners and make the public comply with traffic regulations, the multiple cameras are installed at major intersections.

The cameras used in the red light safety program are to help make the streets safer for not only the drivers but the pedestrians and people on bikes and bicycles.

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The Cameras are under automation mode and image of the intersections are displayed on the screens every five seconds. If you have broken a traffic signals, you will be double checked by a ATS employee before a ticket is issued to ensure the ticket is just and meet all the legal authority.

So, the next time you receive a Notice of Violation (image below), chances are you have break a traffic rule and it was caught on a camera.

One of such website to pay your Traffic Violation fine is Drivesafelyinnassau.com

www.Drivesafelyinnassau.com Official

Features of www.Drivesafelyinnassau.com Official

It is one of the most common and best websites to pay your fine online.
You can see the violation video as a proof so, nobody can deny their own crime.
You need to clear your fee payment within 10 days right after getting the notice of violation email.
If you don’t pay in time, their is a late fine submission which may cause you additional charges as a penalty.

Forms of acceptable payments when paying online?

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • If you are a member of the Capital One Credit Card, you can also pay your amount on their website.
  • Please note cash is NOT an acceptable form of payment

How to Pay Traffic Fine on www.Drivesafelyinnassau.com Official

So, now that you have got a Notice of Violation, how do you pay it?

Note: To pay the fine, you must have the Notice of Violation with you.

Step 1: Visit www.drivesafelyinnassau.com or www.ViolationInfo.com. It seems www.drivesafelyinnassau.com official is redirected to the Volationinfo.com.

This website will show you the video of your traffic violation if you want to Review your violation images and video, plus get more additional information.

Step 2: On the drivesafelyinnassau homepage, Click on the Get More Information link at the bottom left corner.

You will be asked to enter your Notice and PIN which is available at the top right corner of the violation notice. Enter the details and Click on the Login button to proceed.

Step 3: Now, Click on the “Pay Your Violation” button and enter your Notice of Violation details, i.e. Notice and the PIN to proceed.

Next, you will be taken to a page to make the payment. Enter the Fee amount and the payment information (you can either pay via a credit or debit card number). Once you have entered your payment info, click on the Submit and make sure to note down the confirmation number.

You can see the Digital images of the violation in question which can also viewed using the same information.

IMPORTANT: There is a late fee if the ticket is not paid by the due date and payment plans and extensions are not available at the moment.

Customer Service

If you encounter any trouble or need to clarify something, issue regarding payment clearance, whatever the case may be, you can seek help from the Drivesafelyinnassau customer service which you can get access through this number 516-571-6000.

Their Customer service of Drive Safely in Nassau is available 24/7 for its valuable customers.

Additional Drive Safely In Nassau Information

  • The Late fees can be waived if only the notice is marked as undeliverable by the Post Office
  • It Allows for 10 days for the payment if you pay it by mail
  • It Allows a 24 hours time frame for payment if you pay through credit card and 72 hours for a debit card
  • You, in this case, Vehicles can receive tickets, if you right turn on red, running a red light, left turn on a red, and illegally passing through a school bus.

All of the traffic violation and tickets are reviewed by the American Traffic Solutions before they are being passed on the local police department where the violation took place. A violation will not cause the points against a driving record in most of the states.

For more detailed info, you can check their entire FAQ for the red light violation online by visiting their FAQ page or call their toll-free number 1-866-790-4111 and chat with a live agent for all your queries and questions.


What if I lost my Notice of Violation?

If you have lost it, you can call 1-866-790-4111 for assistance from a customer service agent.

How much is the Traffic Violation fine?

You can find the fine amount on the front page of the Notice of Violation located in the Amount Due Section. If you didn’t pay in due time, there is also a Late Fees.

Can I get the Late Fee waived?

No, it cannot be waived unless for just one reason. It can be waived only if the Notice was returned as undeliverable by the post office.

When is my Fine payment due?

The last date for the payment is listed on the front of the Notice. Late Fees will be assessed if not paid by the due date in some case. When mailing in a payment; allow 10 days in order to be received timely.

Why did my check get returned?

If you pay by mail and if your check is returned, they are probably because of one the following reasons:

1) Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)
2) Due to not able to locate the bank account
3) Stop payment from the bank


Hope this guide helps you to pay your traffic violation fee. We all break some rules sometimes, however traffic rules need to be followed importantly as it can cause damage to properties and even human lives.


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